Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple Sandwiches

Today, over lunch with Scott, I decided that I prefer simple sandwiches, with few ingredients, over more complicated, fussy, and gourmet sandwiches.  I mean sure, muffaletas and cheesesteaks are great, but what truly makes me happy is something I can put together in less than five minutes, with ingredients I always have on hand in the fridge.

The sandwich that inspired this revelation is the one I had today: Jerk turkey breast (made by Boar's Head... it's very spicy, so if you want less heat, I'd go with just regular turkey), sliced avocados, mayo, and salsa on toasted whole wheat bread.  No cheese, no tomatoes or lettuce, just two fillers, two condiments, and bread.  Perfect!  The avocado adds creaminess to replace cheese (and while it is quite fatty, it's good-fat and your body loves it) and the salsa added a nice tomato flavor plus a kick of heat without adding to the bulk of the sandwich.

Some of my other favorite sandwiches are just as simple:

Marmite and sharp cheddar on a baguette

Hummus and cucumbers on pita

And of course, the tried and true PB&J, but as Liz Lemon (aka Tina Fey on 30Rock) once said, you gotta add potato chips.  Potato chips MAKE a PB&J!

I also like to add French's fried onions to tuna salad for a little crunch.  Okay, the potato chips and fried onions certainly won't up the health-factor of your sandwich, but sometimes you just have to add a little "happy" to your sandwich.  4 of 5 chips on a sandwich is better than a handful on the side!

What is your favorite simple sandwich?  Or do you prefer a piled-high dagwood style sandwich?

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