Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jalapeno-Cheddar Sandwich Bread

I am a lover of all things spicy, and honestly, everyone loves anything cheesy... am I right?  This bread will satisfy both cravings, and goes perfectly with a BLT, or stands alone toasted and topped with cream cheese or butter.

This is one of my first attempts at baking bread from scratch, and though I suffered a minor fail, the bread was still amazing.  I'll go ahead and tell you my main error, so that you don't make the same mistake: I was pressed for time, and used a KitchenAid stand mixer to knead the bread, which was my first time using such a method, and the bread did not get thoroughly kneaded.  Typically, bread dough should be hand-kneaded for at least ten minutes, which is how long this batch spent in the mixer, but when you use a mechanical mixer, you should at least double that time.  As a result, the bread resembled a quick bread, and was doughy and dense, and fell apart quite easily.  If I had kneaded it by hand, it would have been much fluffier, and even though these were relatively fail, they were still delish.

Here's the recipe; I found it at Pink Parsley and can't rightfully claim it as my own, so I've gotta give props to Josie for all this awesomeness.  And here are some pics of the process:

Adding the wet to the dry... slowly!

Adding the cheese and peppers to the dough

Mixing in the KitchenAid... bad idea!  Don't be so lazy!

The dough, in an oiled bowl, ready to rise
Like magic, it doubles in size!
The two loaves are uneven due to different rising times, but it all works out in the oven
I was in too much of a hurry to take a pic of the loaf right out of the oven, but after an hour of cooling, I made this awesome BLT.  Perfection!
This seriously, seriously makes the best BLT ever.  I lightly toasted two slices and added a chipotle aioli (one chipotle pepper, seeded and chopped, plus a teaspoon of adobo sauce mixed in with 1/4 cup mayo), slices of garden tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and thick-sliced oven baked bacon.  The reason there's only half a sandwich in the picture is because I was halfway to heaven before I remembered to snap a pic.  Make this bread, NOW!

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